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Considering a Tankless Water Heater?

Is your hot water cool? Is it taking longer to heat up or not heating up at all? Is the dial on the water tank up as high as it will go? If you have been considering installing a new water heater, have you weighed the benefits of the new tankless models?

Bizzy Bee Plumbing and Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Bizzy Bee Plumbing in Cary, NC is an authorized service provider and installer for Rinnai tankless water heaters. We are area experts in helping you understand the advantages provided by tankless water heaters and the green technology that drives their efficiency.

Our professional plumbers have years of experience providing excellent customer service. Not only do we take care of all your plumbing needs, we provide the information you need to make sound decisions about things like the advantages of changing to a tankless water heater.

How they work

Traditional storage tank water heaters heat and reheat the same tank of water until it is used. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, deliver fresher water since there is no holding tank.

As water flows, it passes over the heat exchanger to bring the water to a desired temperature. You have access to an unlimited supply of hot water, unlike storage tank water heaters.

The unit uses no gas or electricity when it isn’t operating, making them extremely efficient and cost effective. Tankless water heaters capture nearly eighty-five percent of the heat energy generated.

Tankless Water Heater Cary

If lower utility bills and an endless supply of hot water efficiently delivered sounds appealing, let the professionals at Bizzy Bee Plumbing in Cary expertly install a tankless water heater in your new home, or replace your old water heater with a tankless model.

Evaluate, first

A bit of evaluating needs to be done before making the decision to switch to a tankless water heater. Our professional installers will check your current voltage and amperage requirements if you need an electric model, and venting capacity if your new water heater will be a gas model. We can help you make sense of efficiency ratings and other considerations involved with switching to a tankless water heater.

Benefits of using a tankless water heater over a storage tank model

There are many benefits to switching to a tankless water heater.
• Whole house or room size models can be chosen.
• Green technology saves on energy costs
• Better performance
• Space saving
• Longer lasting
• Tankless heaters heat water as it is needed, for as long as it is needed, so there is no shortage of hot water as is often experienced with storage tank type water heaters

If you have any questions about tankless water heater technology and whether it is right for you and your home, call Bizzy Bee Plumbing at 919-423-7595 and speak to an expert.

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