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Faucet Repair and Parts Cary

Everyone has experienced the concerning moment when a faucet has broken and needs to be replaced or repaired. It can be a very frustrating experience, you go to turn on the faucet to wash your hands or do the dishes, and nothing, or water sprays everywhere.

Nobody likes to experience this inconvenience since we depend so much on our faucets to access water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and many other tasks that require the use of water. Allow us to handle these unfortunate events for you so you no longer have to fret over the horrible inconvenience that a broken faucet presents you with.

We Are Here To Help

If you have a broken faucet, need a new faucet, or need parts for your old faucet, we are here to help. We can easily come in and take care of this problem for you with expertise and professionalism that is beyond compare.

We carry all sorts of parts for brands such as Delta, Price Pfizer, Moen, American Standard, and Kohler. We will ensure that your problem will be resolved with high quality workmanship and speed. We not only provide the parts for your broken faucet, we will also repair it or install a new one. This is all dependent on how you would like us to handle the task to ensure you are happy with the work that we provide.

To the Rescue

We understand that your faucet is a huge part of your home and when it isn’t properly functioning or is leaking causing a mess, it can be horrible irritating. We feel your pain and know that it happens to the best of us, and that is why we carry the most common faucet brands in the van, however occasionally we may have to pick up certain brands from our warehouse or order it.

This ensures that your receive a new faucet anytime you need a replacement or installation. We want to ensure you are happy with our work and that it is done properly to prevent another broken faucet from causing havoc in your home.
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If ever your faucet breaks, whether it is in your bathroom or kitchen, don’t hesitate to call us and we will be there to take care of the problem for you as fast as humanly possible.

Just remember that a broken faucet shouldn’t ruin your day and we will be there to not only fix your problem but also get you back to whatever activity your broken sink stopped you from taking care of in the first place.

If you need a new faucet replace, just let us know what you are looking for as a replacement and we can ensure that we have it with us when we come out for the repair or replacement so you don’t have to wait around for us to pick it up before we go to your home to complete the work for you.

We want to make you happy and ensure your faucet is working the way it should.