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Polybutylene Repair and Replacement Cary

Polybutylene is a plastic resin that was used for water supply plumbing from 1978 to 1995, it was used because it was low cost and easy to install. People used to say that Polybutylene was the future of piping, this was due to it being used often as a substitute for copper piping.

This is commonly seen in the “Sun Belt” where construction was heavy through the 1980’s through to the mid 90’s. It is also common in the mid-Atlantic and the Northwest Pacific states.

The Polybutylene piping is typically grey or white with a dull finish and were used for underground water mains as well as interior water distribution. Experts say that Polybutylene was used as piping in at least 6 million homes while others believe the number is closer to 10 million.

However, there are many issues that may arise with the use of this type of piping, whether it is inside your home or outside for the underground main, there are a few problems that may become apparent as time goes on.


One of the major problems with Polybutylene piping is the fact that chlorine eats away at the plastic of this piping causing it to become weak and non-dependable. Many cities put chlorine in the water supply as it purifies the water and kills bacteria, sadly it also kills the Polybutylene of the piping as well. It has become very well known that this form of piping is destined to fail and need to be replaced due to leaks and bursts. It is highly recommended to replace the Polybutylene piping to avoid leaks and bursts that can cause damage to your home as well as your possessions.

It is highly suggested that when you are looking at replacing your Polybutylene piping, you should change to a more dependable plumbing material such as copper or PVC. It is also recommended to contact a professional to handle this problem for you since they will be able to ensure that the job is done properly the first time and help you avoid any leaks due to the improper sealing or installation of the new piping. Fixing issues such as the replacement of Polybutylene piping is best done by a professional who will also save you money by attending to the replacement and repairs of the plumbing for you without costing you more money due to mistakes.